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We will be traveling across the the country in the search of the greatest strikers. Register now to showcase your skills.

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PKA Worldwide's first professional fighter is a six-time Taekwondo World Champion and native of Queens, New York. “It is an honor to be chosen for this opportunity,” Carlos said in a statement. "I am going to prove to everyone that PKA Worldwide made the right choice. Joe Corley and his team know talent. Once they saw me doing what I do in the ring, they knew that I was on another level. This is a privilege, but it’s also exactly where I belong.” Check out this article to read more about Julio, his fighting experience, and excitement to be with PKA Worldwide. Our team is thrilled to see him Punch, Kick, and Repeatedly win against the competition.

pka worldwide fighter julio cesar carlos
New York - June 11, 2022

Open Fighter Enrollment - Closed

Fort Worth, TX - August 27, 2022

Presented by Jamie Cashion and Team Lutter

Open Fighter Enrollment - Closed

Redlands, CA - September 24, 2022

Open Fighter Enrollment - Closed

South Hill, WA October 29, 2022

Open Fighter Enrollment - Closed

Future PKA Tryouts Location TBD

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Professional Kickboxing Association

About PKA Worldwide

The sport of professional kickboxing is being revived and reimagined by a legendary team of combat sports veterans and entrepreneurs. These leaders are the same ones that helped Professional Kickboxing reach historic heights 40 years ago. Welcome to the newest professional fighting league from PKA Worldwide – the all-new Professional Kickboxing Association! Joe Corley, the CEO of PKA Worldwide, is often referred to as the Founding Father of MMA, having helped pave the way for the sport’s boom via the PKA’s success. For more than two decades Corley went from a champion in the ring to championing the growth of professional kickboxing, first as a promoter, then as the co-founder of the Professional Karate Association (PKA), and then as a broadcaster.

The remarkable growth of MMA and other combat sports confirms that now is the perfect time to bring professional kickboxing back to fill a niche in the combat sports landscape as the sport gives fans more of what they love – punching and kicking. That’s why our mantra is Punch … Kick … Repeat.

Every year tens of millions of people around the world sign up for martial arts lesson at their local gym, school, or dojo. The PKA’s new format of professional kickboxing is the natural evolution of the karate tournaments that millions of martial artists compete in.  

PKA Worldwide is undertaking an international search for the best strikers on the planet hosting a worldwide Striker Search to recruit fighters.  It will give the millions of strikers trained in kickboxing and other martial arts their own platform to fight. As a result, fighters who may not be adept at grappling on the mat will now have an opportunity to showcase their punching and kicking skills by standing up to fight on the biggest stage – the PKA Striking Cage.

Professional Kickboxing Association


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Professional Kickboxing Association

We Have Arrived. And We're Ready To Strike!

Welcome to PKA Worldwide. It’s our purpose to make fighting even more exciting. We stand tall until we fall. And then we get back up. We are kickers, strikers, punchers, and jumpers. We are gritty. We believe strength comes from within. We are disciplined. We are humble. We are balanced. We see all sides and listen in all directions. We stand. We fight. We fall. And win or lose, we never give up. We are PKA Worldwide. We stand tall. 

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